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The Lanza Musto Sangiovese First on the East Coast for 2011

2011 September 8

Finally it is here.  We have been waiting for 4 years for a Suisun Sangiovese and this is the year it arrives.  The new Lanza/Musto Sangiovese Vineyard is ready for Prime Time.  In the past I have spoken to Frank about getting a good Sangiovese.  If you have been making it over the years you know what has been available is inconsistent at best.  I will say in the last few years the Avio Vineyard has provided very nice fruit.  We made it in 2009 and we are very happy with the results.   Westchester Winemaker Club members have quite a few blends of this on hand,  some using blend stocks to create the Super Tuscan style others using only one additional varietal to achieve their results.  Even the 100% version is very nice and has a lot more body and structure than you would expect.  I believe the advice Greg Perrucci of Kennedy Hills Vineyard gave me dealing with Sangiovese went along way to achieving these results.  But now entering center stage is the long awaited Sangiovese from Suisun, a collaboration between the Lanza Family Vineyards and Frank Musto of the M&M Grape Company.

Ron Lanza reports the Sangiovese is Clone 6 Brunello grafted on 3309 rootstock.  The layout of the vineyard is very interesting as it is designed the “follow the sun”  I will have to ask Ron to explain this.  For those concerned this is the first harvested crop since planting 4 years ago be at ease.  The Lanza 98 Merlot took Best in State at the California State Fair. it too was a first harvest.  Also be assured after waiting 4 years there is no way Frank Musto would bring in grapes that were not ready to make great wine.

Rick Lanza reports as of 9/8/2011 the Brix is at 21.4  he went on to say they  “look fantastic”  No tests will be performed until the grapes reach 24 brix.  He also indicated since the vines are young could ripen faster than usual

The grapes will probably be at M&M for Ron Lanza’s visit on or around the last week in September or the first week in October.  He has shared with me his excitement about being on the loading dock once again to meet all the winemakers.

As you can see they let anyone in the Vineyard!

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  1. carmine Frattaroli permalink
    September 9, 2011

    Nice write up . Gene considering this is the first crop for sale is the Lanza / Musto Sangiovese limited production for sale. I need to call Frank because I wanted to make this wine. I hope you and the boys didn’t buy it all up already. LOL.

  2. Marty Yule permalink*
    September 9, 2011

    For you Minooch I tell that guy Fiorot to leave you some!

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