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Unintended Consequences. Stock up on French Colombard Zips

2012 January 17

What?!  Stock up on French Colombard?  Imagine you an Old Timer standing in line buying grapes at Prosperos preparing as usual to be abused when you discover your cheap French Colombard grape price has gone through the roof.  How can that be?   Who should you blame?   Gallo.   Yep Ernest and Julio.   Remember the days when you bought brown Moscato for 18 dollars a box? What the heck throw a few in with the Zinfandel and Allicante for flavor.  But then the prices of Moscato started to become out of reach until finally in the past 2 years there wasn’t any to be purchased.  But there was always loads of French Colombard even Juice in some half fermented state was available.  Well this too will now come to an end.  They now have a new use for it and well this probably doesn’t leave you with many other choices.  Leave it to Gallo to bastardize everything they touch. It is sad to me they are Italian.  Scustumato tutti.

Read about the problem here

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