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BACK FROM the Eastern Winery Exposition in PA

2012 March 7

I had a great time at the Eastern Winery Exposition.   There is much to report and I will break some of it down in future posts.   However the Show was a good one and I did get a chance to see and meet some people that I have known for a long time but never had the opportunity to meet in person.  One in particular is a person that has had a tremendous influence on our wines.   Sandor from Vadai Barrels. Sandor was also accompanied by his lovely Wife Anna.

Sandor of Vadai Barrels.

Next up is the Mendocino Grape King Fred “The Bulldog” Bonnano.

You have to bribe him if you want the shirt!

Here are the Lanza Brothers Rick and Ron.   Their booth attracts the finest women in the hall.  It has to be the wine.

Frank Musto deep in thought thinking….  Gene is right the Lanza Brothers do have the best looking women looking for grapes.  Wait!! I am the one that sells grapes!

Nick pay attention !

Here are good Christians willing to turn the other cheek and actually hang out with me .

Bob Herrold (Left) Nick Copolla (Right) My Drinking Buddies

More to follow and some very interesting products ……

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  1. March 13, 2012


    It was great getting a chance to have dinner with you and then sharing some wine in my booth the next day. I thought that the show was great as well. Especially for the first year that the show was put on. Traffic into my booth was great, especially because I was pouring wine! The amazing thing to me was the amount of interest in the No Fly Zone organic fly catcher. I think that I could have sold 150 of them! And just ask, you can have the shirt off of my back!

    Take care,


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