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Poor Man’s Enolmaster or Rich Man’s Enolmatic

2012 May 7

Sometimes things are too easy to ignore.  I know my friend Cellar Rat is contemplating purchasing a Six Bottle Filler with electronic float control to use with his Diaphragm Pump. I can’t blame him but he is going to incur  a very large expense to obtain a filler that has electronic control for his pump.  The Ball and Float valve variety is a heck of a lot cheaper even when you cost factor in a pressure sensitive switch pump like the  Sure Flo  Even so I still have some reservations about  a gravity system using a pump or not because you still are not sparging the bottles of  O2 when filling them. ( probably not that big a deal )

The fact of the matter is the Enolmatic has served Amateur Winemakers for the past 20 years.  It is a great machine that has proven reliability and easing maintained and repaired.  It has however become a tad expensive in the  375-400 dollar range.   While it works well, a good floor corker person can outstrip its ability to provide filled bottles with out some wait.  Actually a good corker person can keep up with 2 Enolmatics.

Then there is the issue of cost.  I posted recently a very nice smaller system that can do the job.  This could save the small scale winemaker not only a few hundred in dollars but will also provide a pump for transfers and racking. Hard to beat that deal for 200.00   The is something that can fit the needs of a novice and a medium producer very nicely.  Besides it is 100% USA made product.

Getting back to the reason for this post.  I am in the market for  a pneumatic semi-automatic corker.  I anticipate that I will be able to cork at a much higher rate than I am able to do now while saving a bursitis attack in my shoulder or elbow.   I thought about the multi-spout units then it hit me.  I already own 2 Enolmatics and a heavy duty vacuum pump I used for racking.  Why not make an Enolmaster Multi-Nozzle  Unit.    I settled on 3  nozzles instead of 4.  I can use the overflow tank of the Enolmatic or a gallon jug.  For the vacuum I can use either my Enolmatic unit itself or I can use my vacuum pump.

After you look at the design it should occur to you that you can build a One Nozzle Unit using a small vacuum pump and gallon over flow for a lot less than an Enolmatic.   Just a thought for Guys that are handy.   And the best part is they won’t have to borrow mine anymore.  Woo Hoo!!!!

At first I was going to fabricate a unit with one upright and a long cross tee with individual bars to off the cross tee to mount the nozzles.  This design would have included a method to adjust the height of the main upright to allow for different size bottles.  When I started to take measurements I realize that the differences between bottles were not that different. So I decided to simplify the entire design and go with 3 stationary uprights instead.  After careful measuring I add a second set of holes for the shorter Burgundy bottles and the occasional Bordeaux bottles with little or no punt that tend to be about 3/4  of an inch shorter.

The Nozzles mounted nicely on the 1 inch square tubing.  It could be a tad less wide but the levers fit ok.  I also got the original Roller Pin and Knob. I have discovered that Glass and Aluminum don’t like each other when sliding together inserting a bottle under the nozzle.  I will have to add a thin sheet of plastic or Teflon to make the bottle side better. As you can see I will use the standard Enolmatic table clamp, one on each side of the base.

From the back you can see I used cross hose barbs for the supply and the vacuum lines.  I left extra length to attach to the overflow vessel and enough hose to attach to the Enolmatic Tandem Filter Canister.  If not filtering I can join it to my Tri Clamp hose and go directly to a Tank in the Storage Room or a Blending Tank in the same room.

As I said above Glass Bottles don’t slide very well on Aluminum.  SO I purchased some UHMW which is know for its anti wear, self lubricating character and slippery surface.   Problem solved.

Email me if you need any other details or information

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  1. Proud Puppy permalink
    May 8, 2012

    There is a way to hook up either the Buon Vino or the Ferrari bottle filler to a vacuum pump and if I am not mistaken you are also able to daisy-chain the setup in line, and adapt it to fill a few bottles at once. Apart from the vacuum pump, a single unit is alot less than $50 per filler setup (single) as compared to the single setup in the other post for much more. Even though it has a vacuum pump, it is still more than iusing a Buon Vino or Ferrari as the filler and building yourself. Easy to find a semi decent pump for under $100 sometimes even less for a reliable powerful pump on Ebay. I am considering using the above filler heads for a single setup, hooked to a vacuum pump. I will see if I can find the links showing how to make it.

  2. Crazy Run Ranch permalink
    May 8, 2012

    Nicely done Gene. Does Enolmatic sell the bare heads needed for this? Keep us posted on the corker. I need a good solution for corking too.

  3. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    May 8, 2012

    Yes to your question. I emailed you the info. As far as the corker goes, that is becoming the hardest obstacle to overcome. I did find a Corker that was new to me lately. I have searched for reviews on it but there doesn’t seem to be any. It is single loading so it does not have a hopper but it is very versatile in that it can not only cork but cap and can cork Champagne Stoppers. It is made by the same company TENCO that makes the Enolmatic and the Filter Housing.

    These guys seem to be the least expensive

    Here is a better picture and video of the unit in operation

  4. bzac permalink
    May 9, 2012

    Have you looked at electric corkers?

    bosagrape in vancouver had one for about 1600 bucks which was about the same speed as the small pnematic ones but didn’t need the compressor and was therefor quieter and more small wineroom friendly.

    I’ve been thinking of getting one.

    in the mean time can you send that guy who can keep up with 2 enolmatics over? I’ve got 1400 bottles to do when I get home.

  5. bzac permalink
    May 9, 2012

    I like your multihead set up. thats gotta be much cheaper than the 3000 bucks enolmatic want for their 4 head filler.

  6. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    May 9, 2012

    1400 Bottles Good Man! The Bosagrape Website is scant on details It could be the Super Toscana that Gino Pinto sells but his is 240 volt. And a LOT more money than 1600.00 I will call Bosagrape today and see. There are no other listings for this Corker doing a search. I was looking at the pneumatic models because they were less money than the electric ones.

    Could this be the one?

  7. bzac permalink
    May 10, 2012

    I don’t think so , it was a small table top thing . it doesn’t seem to be on their website anymore.
    they are good people , family run place, Bosa foods is the largest italian food importer in Western Canada , this is an off shoot bussiness of one of the Daughters , a little disorganised but very help full. better to phone than email them. old school family service , I hope they never change.

  8. bzac permalink
    May 10, 2012

    maybe I’m getting it confused with a capper but I will keep searching for the electric one. Maybe I saw it at a trade show.

    you are right though the big red is the cheapest pnematic out there.

  9. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    May 10, 2012

    Zac I spoke to them and they do not carry it any longer. The gal on the phone did not have any information she could share. She said she would have her boss call me if they knew anyone else carrying it. What ever it was it is a bit confusing because the Super Toscana Smalto is 240 volt and the painted version appears to be in the 4-5 thousand dollar range from Gino Pinto. I can’t find any other distributor on the web for this corker.
    In fact I went to the Marchisio Website to find that model. Also all the pneumatics out there are cheaper than any electric models I have found.

    Any thoughts on the Big Red? It is in the Marchisio Website as well.

  10. carmine Frattaroli permalink
    May 10, 2012

    Nice job Gene very creative . Looks like to me what I saw from the video that the big red pnuematic corking machine looks kind of slow need to put the cork in then the bottle and you need to shut the door on it or it won’t work.

  11. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    May 10, 2012

    Thanks Carmine. I ran a test with water yesterday. My vacuum pump filled three bottles really quickly. I also tried it with the Enolmatic as a pump and it worked just fine as well but not quite a quickly.

    The door is a pain that will have to be removed and the switch jumped out. Even the 5 thousand dollar varieties have doors.

  12. Crazy Run Ranch permalink
    May 10, 2012

    I was thinking the same about the big red corker. Didn’t strike me as faster than a manual corker, although less wear and tear on the body is nice. Any of you guys ever use a Swiss manual corker? I’ve only admired the build quality, never used one. Looks like much more leverage and easier action.

  13. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    May 10, 2012

    Mario has the Swiss Corker but he bottles very little wine LOL ! He say’s it is great. I have never used one but from looking at it appears to be very smooth and effortless.
    Where is that Rat ? I will have to chase him out from under that rock he hiding.

  14. AlbanyCellarRat permalink
    May 14, 2012

    lol. Just working Gene. The swiss corker is very well built and will probably last forever. You are correct in that I do not bottle that much as least for now. I just bottle for friends and family. My wine travels from tanks, to barrels then to carboys. Finally the wine is transferred to kegs for consumption. Works great for us. And it saves me a lot of time that would be spent bottling. I will start bottling and saving vintages when my new wine cellar/fermentation area is complete.

  15. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    May 14, 2012

    There you are!!! Just because you got engaged doesn’t mean you have an excuse to forget your buddies. I added a picture above to show how I fixed the sliding glass against aluminum problem.

  16. May 23, 2012

    Well I went up to Nephew Anthony’s house with the Triple Play. He had some bottling to do. Wow what a blast. We were burning through the cases and he was corking but he could not keep up with the bottler. Actually we could have used 2 men corking. We had to stop to squirt the bottles and put them on a tree and we still managed to bottle over 30 cases in 2 hours flat.
    I think if all the bottles were washed and we had a second man corking we would have finished in an hour and a half. This really turned out to be a smart investment for the Micro Winery on Kimball. Next we need a Corker to keep up…….. Stay tuned.

  17. Gene Fiorot permalink
    July 2, 2012

    Beat the record today. 38 cases bottled in less than 2 hours. WOW! Smoke coming out of Anthony’s Ferrari corker. New semi auto corker has arrived details to come.

  18. Bruce permalink
    September 25, 2012

    Hi Gene do you know were i can buy the Complete Nozzle with Levers and Spring online as i am a home wine maker not commercial and a couple of site were asking my company name i dont have a company i do this for my own ? Thanks Bruce

  19. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    September 25, 2012 they will have your parts

  20. Bruce permalink
    September 25, 2012

    Okay thanks!

  21. Ferenc permalink
    January 22, 2013

    Good morning Gene,
    I’m in love with your idea. I was looking for solutions for my problem and I found your post. I have around 800 liter Rose I have to bottle soon and I have only a single head Enolmatic which is kinda slow for this. As I’m growing I have to update all my equipment but everything is expensive so I have to find the way around it. What do you think how many heads could I run using my Enolmatic as a pump? Also what kind of pump do you use for your set up and do you use bigger hoses for better flow?
    Thanks for your help!

  22. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    January 23, 2013

    I use a Vacuum Pump designed for Air Conditioning evacuation. Northern Tool has one for around a 100 dollars but guys say it makes an oil fume. Valley Vintner .com sells two oil less models I would go that route. The Enolmatic probably could handle 3 heads at a slower rate.
    Hose Size is not a factor. After using my setup It can easily handle 5 heads.
    Keep us posted!

  23. Ferenc permalink
    January 23, 2013

    Thank you for the reply Gene. At this point I’ll try to run 2 heads on my Enolmatic because I don’t want to outperform my floor corker. After I’m done with the Rose probably I’ll build a 4 head one. Also I’m looking for an automatic corker but the only used one I found was a 3 phase one and the converter was very expensive. I have to change a lot because I use to make 4 barrels a year on my own and now I started my own business with 16 barrels here in the US and 10 home. I had all the smaller equipment which is too small now ……..That’s why I’m looking for good ideas as yours because everything is so expensive if you buy it. I’ll build it this weekend after I picked up the extra parts. Do you guys buy stuff retail or wholesale?

  24. Ferenc permalink
    January 24, 2013

    And I forgot to ask you that do you mean by that the 3 head is very slow? How slow is it? I’m still debating between the 2 or 3 head…….

  25. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    January 24, 2013

    3 heads and the vacuum pump you can barely keep up supplying bottles. Using the enolmatic as a pump will be a bit slower but not unreasonable. With 3 heads you better have a guy supplying bottles to the filler and one to take away from the corker, wh0 will fall behind quickly anyway. Ben Gay for the shoulders that evening. We buy wholesale whenever we can.

  26. crazy run ranch permalink
    January 25, 2013

    Ferenc, 3 phase converter shouldn’t be expensive, at least not compared to the automated corker. There are two types, a rotary that generates the third leg of power and inverter types that create the 3rd phase electronically. I use a rotary on my destemmer because I didn’t want problems in the middle of harvest and rotary ones are considered a little more trouble free. But the new inverter types are much better than before. Price range should be $200 to $500 depending on your load.
    Gene, I can relate to a smoking Ferrari, the corker that is. I think we once hit 20 cases an hour so 38 over 2 hours is pretty damn good. Mine been rebuilt and repair about 3 times. Got to find a semi-auto one of these days. My 4 head gravity filler loafs along at this pace. Sometimes we use 3 for 750’s and the 4th filler for mags and cork them on a second Ferrari on the floor. The filler you built is pretty cool, kinda wish I had thought of it first although I’m happy with mine and its rock solid reliable and the fill is dead on every time.

  27. JSC permalink
    November 20, 2013

    I know… a little late to this party…

    spent my day spec’ing out my version of the Gene-ol-master…

    when I have it completed, I will post pics, part numbers and specs…

    I am starting with a double spout, but will have it expandable to four spouts…
    so far, pricing for the two spout version is about $200.00 for all the miscellaneous parts (not) assembled.

  28. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    November 21, 2013

    Hey John never to late. You are not alone a few guys have built their own versions. I can tell this I have a hard time with 3 spouts removing the bottles when filled and replacing them with empty ones. It really smokes! And if you are using a Floor Corker you will need 2 of them working to keep up with what you have filled. Anthony tries when I go to his house to bottle but the table is filled with bottles in a short time.

  29. jsc permalink
    December 11, 2013

    nearly finished, all I need to do now is add the hoses…

    photo 4.JPG

    photo 3.JPG

    photo 2.JPG

    photo 1.JPG

  30. Bzac permalink
    May 22, 2015

    Gene ,

    I’m thinking of building one of your enolmaster things .
    But two problems

    A. I’d rather have rectal cancer than deal with that wanker at St.Pats .
    B. Even if I did decide to give the tosser my money , he won’t ship to Canada .

    Does anyone know another source of the parts?

  31. Bzac permalink
    May 22, 2015

    Sorry I ment he won’t take Canadian credit cards , so I can’t even ship it to my place in Washington.

  32. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    May 22, 2015

    LOL !! Ok so at the moment The Rectal Cancer Institute is out of stock of the plastic types. However you can buy the Enolmaster Stainless Steel variety from They may also carry the plastic version. I will look further…

  33. Dorr permalink
    December 22, 2015

    Very cool design Gene. Thanks for posting. I’ve bought the aluminum and the heads for a 2 station, and am now just waiting on my welder buddy to get back to me on when he can weld it up. It sounds like this will be a sweet upgrade to the Buon Vino gravity filler I’ve been using for the past 10 years. It may be overkill as I move from about 6 to 24 cases a year, but overkill can be fun.

  34. Craig permalink
    May 31, 2016

    I built a 4 bottle bottling station using Ferrari bottle fillers. I built a manifold to bring wine to each ferrari bottler that I have mounted on my stand. It works great. There is a guy, Harry, who build his one semi automatic corker. Look at the video.

  35. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    May 31, 2016

    Email me a picture of your set up. The Ferrari Filler is very reasonable for a small producer. I watched the video LOL I thought the corker was going to jump off the table . LOL Welcome to the Blog Sign in the same way each time and you will not have your comment held up for moderation.

  36. Tem Mellese permalink
    September 11, 2016

    Gene, you are a real inspiration. I would love to build a rig as above and would love some technical support. I have started in business making a liqueur and like everyone find the physical demands of bottling, filtering a major challenge.

    My main concern being that of consistent and even filling of the bottles in the continuous bank. Cash flow is a nightmare for the small producer and will be attempting this when money permits. In the meantime I will be executing all preliminary work. Any advice would be dearly appreciated and paid for in bottles!

    T 🙂

  37. January 1, 2017

    I have a one-man start-up company. I am currently using two side-by-side Enolmatics to fill my bottles. I like the feel and how well the Enolmatics work. I see there are some people on this forum who are making multi-station fillers using Enolmatic heads. Is there anyone here who would be willing to make me a 3-station or 4-stations filler for a reasonable price? I’d prefer using “food-safe” materials, like Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, adn Polyethylene… rather than aluminum. Please write to me directly at if you are interested in this project.

  38. January 1, 2017

    One of my Enolmatic fillers has started to give an erratic fill level. Most times it is perfect, then the next few bottles will be half an inch higher. I know I can adjust the level setting, but then it will just be sometimes too low. I’m wondering it this means that some particular seal or something is wearing out or clogging. Has anyone else had this problem and figured out how to fix it? I don’t want to buy a whole new head for $95 if it just needs a new O-ring.

  39. January 1, 2017

    Is there any way to set up the Enolmatic so that the liquid being collected in the vacuum tank can be drained directly back into the supply tank? I’m thinking that maybe a valve and return-tube could be installed with an activation lever that, when manually activated would release the vacuum and let gravity cause the liquid to flow back to the supply tank. Then the lever would be released, and the vacuum would resume in the vacuum tank. I find that having to interrupt filling every so many minutes to empty the vacuum tank is a PITA.

  40. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    January 1, 2017

    As to your first question the Aluminum used never comes in contact with the wine so I think that is really a non issue. I don’t know of anyone who would make a multiple head unit for you. But making one of giving the job to a metal shop should not be a problem.

    Erratic levels can be caused by bad O rings or the Rubber Cone leaking. Another issue can be air leaks in the racking wand or hose to the head. Every once in awhile you need to cut the ends off the hose to regain a tight seal.

    Now to your idea. The easiest thing to do to reduce emptying the overflow tank is to use a gallon jug instead. Also quick filling of the overflow tank can indicate issues mentioned above leaks and foam causing the head to take off liquid before reaching the fill level.

  41. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    January 1, 2017

    Welcome to the blog. Please use the same sign in and you will not need to be moderated.

  42. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    January 2, 2017

    One Note. If you use a larger vessel make sure you have a length of hose that extends down in the vessel a few inches on the side coming from the heads. This will prevent wine to be sucked in the suction side and entering the pump.

  43. Nick Havlik permalink
    January 10, 2018

    What size hose goes off the overflow tube? What type of connector did you use to connect that to your pump? I have 1/2” hose for inlet side but overflow is much smaller.

  44. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    January 11, 2018

    Ok Nick welcome to the Blog . First all the enomatic hoses are metric large and small. St.Pats of Texas on line only sells the proper hoses by the foot. To answer your question the overflow tube from the carboy bung to the pump has to be the same size. The tapered hose bib on the pump should be able to handle a small size of the hose. Also you might consider a valve to bleed off excess vacuum and a gauge to monitor vacuum. This entire thing is about racking from a carboy to another. When bottling from a tank it is very simply means the vacuum goes from the overflow from the nozzle.

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