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A Visit to the Winery on Kimball An Unexpected Pleasure

2016 May 5

Yes it is true.  I was graced by the Giants.   The Giants came for a visit to the  Winery on Kimball with one mission in mind.  To taste the wines. Yes and boy oh boy did we have wines for the Giants to taste.  About 60 percent of them Lanza / Musto Vineyards fruit.   So we tasted and tasted and augmented that tasting with some cold Italian Antipasti.  The Giants first started with  some recently barreled 2015 wine.

Then we moved on to barreled wine taken out and put into tanks ready for bottling.  By that time the Giants had destroyed the Antipasti it was a good time to leave the Winery and arrive at the Ristorante.

Of course I brought a selection older wines bottled as far back as 2011.  They ate like Animale.  These Giants really can eat.  Holy Cow.  I keep wondering why I eat half of what they eat and I am the fat fuck.   Ok I know y0u are dying to know. So the accolades from the Giants about my wine was amazing.  While some may think the Giants would say anything on a full belly, what counts for me as an honest critique.  And while the Giants can say what they want, it is really my questioning them as they drink where I flush out where it is at.  Yeah I have an ego but I am my worst critic too.   So no smoke is going to fool this old bastard and I know the flaws minor as I may think.

The results?   I could go on with all the positive comments and all the super compliments. And believe me there were.  However only comment  sticks in my mind by Ron Lanza when he said this,   “I have tasted all your wines.  Are wines are wonderful.  What is more important is you have put it on the grower of grapes who made your wine.  Me? I reply.  In other words Gene it is up to me as a grower to make your wines better.  It is you who have made wines from to fruit we provided as good as wine they can be.    Can anybody want for a better accolade than that ?     While me thinks that Phoney Corrados wouldn’t know a good wine from a Piasan they need to give  a handjob to.  If you read this be sure of one thing.  If you want the best grapes to make your wine you better go the M&M in Hartford CT and see Frank Musto. Let the rest go to Corrados and buy crap.   Thanks Giants for the visit.

A new winemaker but at Giant of a Person Carmine

A new winemaker but at Giant of a Person Carmine

Frank Musto, Ron Lanza , Todd Lanza and Carmine Serrantino.

The Giants

The Giants

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  1. Carmine permalink
    May 5, 2016

    Well Gene i can’t say enough of your hospitality. Being new in this wine business its was a pleasure to taste all your wines and by the way one better than the other. As you saw from the picture Ron ,Todd ,Frank, Kathy and my wife were at my house for dinner (zucchini lazagna for us and stuffed hamburgers for the cowboys) As a good Sicilian host we had good food, good wine and a lot of laughs and Ron continued to compliment your wines..Salute to you my friend. As you said Musto winegrape company(new name)is the place to buy the best grapes and Lanza being some of the best. Gentlemen ask for Carmine I’ll be glad to help with your grape needs for the 2016 harvest..Ciao

  2. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    May 5, 2016

    See Carmine in the Fall dudes. And ask for a Veal Parm too.

  3. Al Battista permalink
    May 7, 2016


  4. Phil permalink
    May 8, 2016

    Next time you need a couple of Irish guys there to represent the minority faction of the group… Just saying

  5. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    May 8, 2016

    OH Phil you are always welcome but leave Bernie home OK?

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