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After all these years the Zips have been found out to be correct

2017 March 12
by Gene Fiorot

What goes around comes around.  Sorta.     

You know the Zips.  You know who they are.  The old timers who were so cheap instead of buying a new barrel, they purchased used Whiskey Barrels to store their wine in.  As beginners we were astonished at how a winemaker would consider putting his wine in a barrel to impart Whiskey flavor to their wine.  And it did.  Wine tasted like Whiskey.  The only positive thing that came out of this practice was the wine didn’t go to Volatile Acid in a bad barrel only if the wine didn’t have Volatile Acid to begin with.  Which often times the Zip’s wine did.

So I am walking through Sam’s Club in Florida buying Paper Towels and Olive Oil.  Sam’s is the best place to buy Olive Oil where I live in Florida. I come up on this display.  I will admit I am floored.  It cannot be.  Are there no rules?  Has everything I have learned gone to hell? Is there anything that matters anymore?  Heck I have just been getting over White Merlot, and that has taken a few years.

So just when I think I have seen everything about wine making here comes Mondavi with a twist.  I ponder; maybe it is designed for the Southern States. You know where the White Men Red Necks who discovered wine in their later years. Because they were accustomed to getting a buzz from beer but finding it  too filling and taking too long a time to achieve. I don’t know. I am not a Marketing Expert for Mondavi.  Even so I can recognize horse shit when I see it.

So I am standing there in front of the display taking the pictures speaking out loud to myself of the idiocy of what I am looking at when a gentleman comes by and is looking at the bottles too.  I cannot resist, my big mouth takes over.  I say, “I cannot believe anyone would be buying wine that was put in a Bourbon Barrel”.  He looks interested in having a conversation.  I add, as a winemaker we would never use a charred barrel for wine.  Oops!  He tells me he has had the wine before.  Really?!  I ask, so is it like barbeque?  No he says.  When you first open it you get the taste of Bourbon but it fades quickly. Trying to be polite I tell him, oh that’s great.  For 12 dollars a bottle he says it isn’t a bad everyday wine.  So it appears Mondavi has not only used  new charred Whiskey Barrels, has used Used Bourbon Barrels.  The Zips have been  finally liberated even if it took over 100 years.

Who knows what’s next.  Maybe some High End Producer will be putting Port in their wine to make it smoother.  Ya just never know.

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  1. Al Battista permalink
    March 17, 2017

    Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, you never know…….

  2. Bzac permalink
    March 20, 2017

    More and more things these days are happening in America that make me shake my head .
    This just got added to the list .

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