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Andy…Andy…Andy Beckstoffer ..What about us?

2017 May 25

You remember us Andy don’t you? We are the guys in New York that made all that wonderful wine with your fantastic grapes.  And not for just one vintage either.  Actually Andy we started in 2009 with Georges III.  That was the beginning of our relationship with your grapes Andy.  Lucky for us we continued year after year making wine from your grapes.   Here is a list of Vintages and Varietals of Beckstoffer Wines we produced…

in 2010 we expanded our cellars to include  Oak Knoll Orchard Ave Merlot , Los Carneros  Las Amigas Pinot Noir and Rutherford Georges III Cabernet…

In 2011 we continued with the Georges III Cabernet , the Orchard Ave Merlot, the Las Amigas Pinot Noir and amazingly added the Oakville AVA Missouri Hopper Cabernet…

In 2012… and we obtained Pinot Noir from Carneros Lake,  Los Carneros Las Amigas Merlot
Georges III,  Cabernet Sauvignon, and another opportunity to make Missouri Hopper.

That was the end of us getting your wonderful grapes.  We were very sad.  Remember  Andy how we waxed on here regularly?   We were so excited then and still are so proud we had the opportunity.  We used our Blog to share with other Amateur Winemakers our successes with all these vintages. But alas I am told some Commercial Customers of yours didn’t like the idea and objected when learning of lowly unknown Amateurs having your grapes.  Some people forget where they come from.

Now Andy I read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle of your efforts in Lake County.  Andy what a wonderful idea you have giving a small number of winemakers each an acre of grapes to see what results they can have with a new area you are growing and obviously promoting.   Andy as you know we are very good already at promoting your grapes.   If you consider this Andy I am hoping you will consider us for a couple of tons.   Nothing could be better Andy.  All of us again making Beckstoffer Grapes!

Think about it Andy.  As you say Andy, “We’re farmers second, entrepreneurs first.”   Andy we are Amateurs.  How about one for the Amateurs Andy?  You also add it is a publicity stunt to give away grapes.  Andy we already proved our ability at publicity.

Thanks Andy for great grapes in the past.  How about it Andy, give us another shot…..

It’s up to you.


Gene Fiorot

San Francisco Chronicle Story

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  1. david obrien permalink
    May 26, 2017

    As I am about to open my last case of 2012 George III wine, I would love another chance to make that great wine…it is drinking perfectly, but the bottle is not bottomless!

  2. Bzac permalink
    August 22, 2017

    Thought you might find this interesting

  3. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    August 24, 2017

    Thanks Zac for the heads up. Hope all is going well with you as it seems to be on your facebook posts.

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