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Allechant Vineyards in the Rattlesnake Hills AVA Cabernet Sauvignon

2017 October 24




All the information about this fantastic vineyard and the fruit it produces is well explained in the previous Blog below which focused on the Pinot Noir we made during the last two weeks.   This past weekend we took possession of 2 tons of the most beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the same Vineyard.  And what a pleasure it is to see grapes processed and delivered by the Musto Wine Grape Company to us in totally amazing condition.  Hats off Jeremy Porter for not only tending to this perfect fruit and the packing to the Cold Chain that gets it to the East Coast by Frank Musto.

So I am sure you are asking and I can report here.  The grapes arrived at 48 degrees and initial Brix was 23.  The PH was 3.4-3.5  there were 3 vats to measure.  Isn’t it nice to receive grapes under 25 brix when you know after a good cold soak when they get to 60 degrees the Brix will be 25.  And like the Pinot Noir that is exactly what happened again.  25 Brix.   72 hour cold soak , yeast pitched BDX today temps at 60 degrees.  Color Amazing already and smells off the chart of totally fresh fruit.  And so it begins …. Stay tuned .   I have already pre ordered for next year. You might want to consider it..

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  1. proud puppy permalink
    October 25, 2017

    Yes and the Allechant Merlot is also very nice. Both this year and last year. Any pictures Gene?

  2. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    October 26, 2017

    Yes I will post tomorrow. Good to hear from you .

  3. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    October 26, 2017

    WOW! You shuuda been here. Actually Phil was here last night around 12 to punch down and after his shift he returned at 8 am to punch down again.
    So I go down at about 11am and find the inside of the covers have foam stuck on the surfaces. This means at some period of time the Cap rose up enough to hit the cover. Luckily no Must spilled over on the floor. It is a good thing that this Cab Sav had small berries. I can tell you if it were Zinfandel or Sangiovese it would have been a disaster.

    Now I knew it was a bit risky to put 42.5 boxes in the 700 litre vat when 39 is the typical amount. Hey but sometimes the winemaker needs a little worry to give the Old Bastard a rush of adrenaline. We take it now anywhere we can get it. So this afternoon the Brix has dropped to 16 and we are at 77 degrees. Now comes the heat spike. From 16 to 8 is the heat build up will take place and I do not want to go past 88 degrees. The smells are perfect and the Color well the color if we can preserve it is quite amazing. I do think the cap will retreat by tomorrow but who knows overnight except Phil who once again will return to Punch Down at 12 and 8. Stay tuned…..

  4. proud puppy permalink
    October 27, 2017

    Beautiful fruit. No need to describe the color. Their Merlot was like ink after just 2-3 day cold soak! Amazing aroma and taste as well. Impressive vineyard.

  5. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    October 29, 2017

    After a 4 day Cold Soak the Yeast was pitched. In 6 days we have reached +0.5. At 83 degrees.
    We never got the 88 degree spike but I am pretty sure we got to 85 overnight. We still have a 8 inch thick cap so there is more to go before we press in 8 days. I wrapped the vats to keep it warm and will pitch the ML Culture tomorrow. I have the Winery at 72 and I expect the weather will get colder this week going forward. But this gives us a very nice 75 – 80 degree environment for 7 days establishing the MLF. I have a plan for these grapes for the next season but you have to come to the dinner to hear all about it.

  6. Jim Wallace permalink
    October 31, 2017

    Working with their Merlot and Lanza’s 08 Cabernet blend smaller batch and also quite impressed with their clean quality (had a bit of an issue with light fill on lugs though).
    Came in with numbers spot on so far seems super potential. Usually do Cabernet dominant blends but this year letting the Merlot sing a bit.. already in barrel w/MLF hopefully proceeding well.
    Both cab and merlot were dark dark dark. Hoping for something special coming out of the barrel in a couple of years.
    I’ve come to expect extraordinary from Frank and Christina.

  7. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    October 31, 2017

    It is always getting better with the Musto Wine Grape Company!

  8. Gene Fiorot permalink*
    October 31, 2017

    I did hear of the issue of lug weight. It could have been more of a problem if making a few boxes. Since we took entire pallets we were ok because the Pallets were weighed. But these are things that have to be worked out when dealing with a new vineyard grower who is selling grapes to a non commercial market here in the East. One thing for sure is Jeremy is fastidious in all aspects of growing these grapes and it shows.

  9. Bzac permalink
    November 13, 2017

    I stopped buying lugs in 2008 , I started ordering half ton bins .
    I’d order between 2 and for of them from Kendal farms , The Kendals are the biggest grape broken in Washington , chances are if you bought Washington fruit , Lisa had a hand in the deal .
    Always amazing fruit , so much so I gave up on California . Too hit and miss , too much competition for the great stuff .
    Any way those bins would come in between 750 and 1200 lbs .
    I paid by the weighed pounds but I never knew exactly how much I was getting until the forklift placed it in our van .

    Last order they were all 1100 lbs .
    4 bins , I never had such a full garage .

  10. Bzac permalink
    November 13, 2017

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